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Beijing - Canada Fund Coordinator

Canada Fund for Local Initiatives Coordinator (China)
The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) is a contribution program that is delivered through Canada’s missions abroad. It is a responsive, flexible program at the local level that allows Canadian missions to fund small but visible projects. Through contribution agreements, the CFLI provides monetary assistance that covers all or a portion of the cost of projects that are comparatively modest in scope, scale and cost and that are usually conceived and designed by local authorities or organizations.
The Canada Fund Coordinator will work under the Mission Canada Fund Manager and is accountable for the day-to-day administration of the Canada Fund Program.
To deliver this requirement, the successful candidate should have knowledge (current events, political and
historical perspectives) on Canadian interests and priorities in China. A thorough understanding of Global Affairs Canada (GAC) mandates, both domestically and at missions, is required. The Embassy of Canada in Beijing is seeking an individual who is familiar with the process of CFLI project selection, monitoring and evaluation and who has knowledge of local needs in China.
The CFLI Coordinator will:
  • Be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Canada Fund Program in China.
  • Report directly to the Mission Canada Fund Manager located at the Embassy of Canada in Beijing.
The detailed responsibilities are:
1. Identifying local projects and agencies which could benefit from the Canada Fund program;
2. Liaising with potential CFLI applicants; including providing advice and support to the applicants during the conceptualization and the design of their initiatives;
3. Initial screening of applications for funding;
4. Detailed assessment of project proposals and recommendations; including conducting preliminary assessments in terms of feasibility, viability, quality and clarity, expected results, sustainability, organizational capacity and general relevance to Canada Fund Guidelines, priorities and focus;
5. Providing advice and feedback on project proposals to the CFLI committee;
6. Preparation of Project Approval Documents (PADs) for review by the CFLI Committee;
7. Administration of the CFLI program;
8. Communications;
9. Negotiating project details with recipients of funding;
10. Maintenance of files and records; including interim and end-of-project reports
11. Monitoring, financial tracking, evaluation and reporting with respect to individual CFLI projects under the direction of the manager.
12. Supporting Embassy interactions, meetings and events with civil society related to the management and promotion of the CFLI program.
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Key Activities
  • Receive and review project proposals and conduct preliminary assessments in terms of feasibility, viability, quality and clarity, expected results (mainly outputs and outcomes), sustainability, organizational capacity and general relevance to Canada Fund Guidelines, priorities and focus, and discuss analysis and recommendations with the Canada Fund Manager;
  • Provide advice and support to applicants throughout the application process;
  • Travel may be required to make pre-funding visits to selected initiative sites to assess the potential impact of the proposed projects on the recipient population and absorptive capacity of the implementing partners/intended beneficiaries; to validate the needs, feasibility, and sustainability; to further develop the concept and management plan with stakeholders;
  • Maintain and update the Canada Fund pipeline list (approved and ongoing initiatives, and initiatives being developed and under consideration);
  • During all the pre-approval process consult with the Canada Fund Manager and seek their professional assistance and advice as appropriate;
  • Prepare Project Approval Document (PAD) for each project being recommended for approval. It must be ensured that a proper gender/social inclusion and environment analysis is done for all the projects and integrated them in the Project Approval Documents;
  • Incorporate relevant comments to finalize PADs, and then submit to the Canada Fund Manager for approval through the Canada Fund Committee;
  • Prepare Contribution Agreements for the approved projects and facilitate contract signing between the Executing Agencies (EA) and Head of Mission at the Embassy of Canada in Beijing;
  • Provide continued guidance, support and supervision throughout the project life;
  • Monitor each initiative, prepare monitoring reports, discuss the findings with the Canada Fund Manager and provide necessary feedback to the EAs (some travel may be required);
  • Ensure that satisfactory reports are submitted by the EAs in a timely fashion (content are consistent with the PADs, the Contribution Agreements and the Administrative and Financial Manual), provide feedback to the EAs based on the findings of the reports;
  • In consultation with and the technical inputs of Finance Officers, verify all requests for payment including financial statements and supporting documents for conformity with the PADs, performance progress reports, and the Contribution Agreements. Then, process the requests for disbursements with a justification highlighting the programmatic and financial status of the project for approval by the Finance Officer at the Embassy of Canada in Beijing;
  • Prepare end-of-project reports and follow other necessary steps as per the CFLI guidelines to formally close the completed projects;
  • Prepare input for the Canada Fund Annual Report;
  • Ensure the maintenance of an adequate filing system for projects, including up to date financial information;
  • Organize and attend workshops and conferences, and perform any other related duties as requested by the Canada Fund Manager;
  • Prepare annual, quarterly and monthly work plans, annual and quarterly monitoring plans, annual and monthly financial forecasts, monthly results sheets and time sheets, and participate in the monthly Program and Projects and regular Fund Management Team Meetings.
The contractor will work from his/her home/office. The contractor will be responsible for providing the
required IT and office equipment.
Location Beijing, China
Issuance Date February 11, 2019
Closing Date February 28, 2019, midnight (Beijing time)
Hours of Work Approximately 37.5 hours/week
Open to: Persons who are legally authorized to work in China.
How to submit a proposal:
Send your Technical and Price proposals, before the closing date mentioned above, to the Human Resources Manager at brendan.murphy@international.gc.ca.  Please use “CFLI Coordinator” as the subject line.  
Only applications received at the above address before the final date of submission and time will be considered. Hard copy applications will not be accepted.
To qualify, proponents must meet the requirements. Proposals not meeting the requirements will not be given any further consideration.  Submissions meeting the requirements shall be evaluated according to the criteria and point rating set out in 1) Technical Proposal and 2) Price Proposal.  Proponents must obtain, at minimum, a rating of “adequate” on the criteria set out for the Technical requirements and Price proposal. The Proponent with the highest total score will be awarded the Contract.
Interested parties should submit a résumé and a proposal outlining how they meet the submission requirements. In their proposal, proponents should provide a description outlining how each criteria is met. 
For clarity and comparative evaluation, Proponents should respond using the same subject headings and numbering structure in this document.
  • Significant experience monitoring and evaluating development projects (max 15 pts.)
  • Knowledge of non-governmental organizations and the environment for civil society in China (max 15 pts.)
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing in English and Chinese (max 10 pts.)
  • Strong planning and organizational skills and ability to coordinate conflicting priorities within tight deadlines and meet work targets (max 10 pts.)
  • Ability to manage a budget and maintain detailed files and records (max 10 pts.)
  • Computer skills: MS-office (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint), MS Outlook, Internet (max 5 pts.)
  • Graduation from relevant post-secondary education program (max 5 pts.)
  • The minimal rate for the technical part is 30.  Proposals not meeting this minimum will be rejected from the process.
2) PRICE PROPOSAL (30 points) 
The proponents must submit a daily rate in Chinese RMB for the provision of the services mentioned in the statement of work.
The lowest Fixed Price will score thirty (30) points.  Price Proposals costing 150% or more of the lowest Price Proposal will score zero (0) points. Other prices will be scored in arithmetic proportion as per the following formula:
Score= 30 - [(Price Proposal - lowest Price Proposal) x 30 / (lowest Price Proposal x 0.5)]
Example (In this example, Proposal 1 is the lowest priced proposal):
Proposal  1 = 100                          Score = 30 pts
Proposal  2 = 110                          Score = 30 - [(110 - 100) x 30 / (100 x 0.5)] = 30 - 10 = 24 pts
Proposal  3 = 125                          Score = 30 - [(125 - 100) x 30 / (100 x 0.5)] = 30 - 15 = 15 pts
Proposal  4 = 145                          Score = 30 - [(145 - 100) x 30 / (100 x 0.5)] = 30 - 27 = 3 pts
Proposal  5 = 150                          Score = 0 pts
Proposal  6 = 175                          Score = 0 pts
Selection Procedure:
All technical and price proposals will be carefully reviewed against the requirements. Please note that failure to meet any of the mandatory requirements eliminates proponents from further consideration.
Proponents screened in may be contacted for further assessment, including: a personal interview with a series of questions designed to evaluate each applicant’s knowledge, abilities, competencies and personal suitability for the contract. In addition, tests may be conducted to assist the selection board in assessing the applicant’s qualifications, skills and language ability.

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